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About Us

Quran 4 Kids
About Quran 4 Kids
Quran 4 Kids or 'Q4K' is an inclusive and well structured program of study for teaching children and indeed adults of all ages how to read the Quran.

In total there are two teacher's books and two pupil's books. It comes complete with flash cards, worksheets and fantastic teaching ideas. This website provides a visual and audio support for each lesson taught in the books.

The books have been used in 2 islamic institutions, Manchester Muslim Prep School and Al Huda Zawiyah in West Yorkshire. The books have also been used for home tutoring and to teach children with special educational needs, in all cases the books have been very successful.

The Author

The Author - Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd
Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd
I have been a Muslim since the year 2000 Masha-Allah and I qualified as a primary school teacher in 2002. For the past 7 years I have worked as a primary school teacher in a muslim school. I am currently working as a Special Educational Needs teacher. Through my degree, further training and work experience I have gained a great insight into how children learn.

In 2009 I set up the Special Educational Needs Department at Manchester Muslim Prep School, one of the leading North West Muslim schools, and taught as a special needs teacher and co-ordinator for a further 3 years.

I studied with Al Manhal, a UK based organisation which teaches tajweed and after passing my exam through the The Jordanian institute 'The Society of the Conservation of the Quran' and it is through Allah's mercy that I have been given this opportunity to apply what I have learnt into teaching children tajweed.


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There are two teacher's books and two pupil's activity books (which this website supports) plus flash cards to choose from.

Why Is It Different?

'Q4K' is a step by step teaching guide with multi sensory lessons and activities which makes tajweed easy and fun for children to learn.


The teacher's book has ready made lesson plans with great teaching ideas and easy to follow instructions. It begins by teaching children where each letter of the alphabet is pronounced from (mukhaarij), then follows through to the different tajweed rules, offering children a strong foundation and detailed knowledge of tajweed.


The pupil's books have corresponding worksheets for each lesson that is taught. The worksheets are child friendly and easy to understand. This website also provides a child friendly audio/visual support for each lesson.


Why Is It Needed?

'Q4K' is needed because it teaches children how to read Quran in the most effective way.


Children learn in different ways, there are 4 main learning styles that children need to access to enable them to learn effectively. 'Q4K' teaches children through these learning styles. The books are also extremely effective for teaching children who have special educational needs or learning difficulties.


Teacher training is also offered to get teachers and parents off to a great start.


Who Is It Aimed At?

'Q4K' caters for children of all ages. It is aimed at teachers and parents who wish to teach tajweed in the most effective way.


It is an excellent resource that can be used in muslim schools, Masjids and homes.