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Teacher Training

Online Video Course

The Quran 4 Kids online video courses teach both adults and children how to read the Qur'an in the most effective manner. Our unique step by step approach and visual resources make learning to read the Qur'an both easy and fun. We have included different methods of teaching and learning, with each lesson featuring fun visual and practical teaching aids, as well as arts and crafts sessions, which encourage children to get 'hands-on' at home too.

Not all children can access the Masjid and some children don’t respond to the traditional way of learning. The Quran 4 Kids courses and books offer children a fun and engaging way to learn Tajweed.

The Quran 4 Kids online course comes with a complete set of books to go with each lesson!! MashAllah you receive lifetime access to all lessons. Simply enrol on your preferred course.

The Tajweed course level 1 covers all the basic rules of Tajweed, the Tajweed course level 2 covers the advance rules of Tajweed, and there is a Qur'an memorisation course which will help you and your children memorise some of the shorter surahs in the Qur'an.


Our method of teaching is based on the most effective way in which children learn ensuring quality teaching and learning and lots of fun too.


Overview of courses:


  • Child friendly videos which correspond with all the lessons in the Quran 4 Kids book 1 and 2;
  • Multi-sensory activities to aid effective learning using craft activity methods;
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet;
  • Gain a solid foundation of the basic Tajweed rules.







Customer Reviews

Sister Tasha a parent using the online Course in Canada

"This is the only Quran lessons my children enjoy watching. After many failed programs I was so happy to find the Quran 4 Kids courses and books. MashAllah we all went from knowing very little to be able to read Quran independently."
Please click this link to watch the video review by sister Tasha



Parent Maryam Tukur using Quran 4 Kids to teach her children at home

Salam! I am a parent using all the Quran 4 Kids resources to teach my children Quran at home. I can proudly say that they have made excellent progress, my 7 year old now has started to read suratul Bakara and I just can't believe that she can with in a short time. So if you are looking to teach children how to read Quran in a fun and easy way that they would love, then Quran4kids books, videos and other resources they are simply the best resources out there MashAllah!!

I must mention that the teacher books and online courses are very very helpful and has helped me understand tajweed myself and be able to explain it to my children M.A!

I can't thank the author Suzanne, enough for all her Hard work in making this possible, so I will just say Jazakallahu Khairan! May Allah reward abundantly.



Another happy parent using the Quran 4 Kids course and books

A challenge for me is that I am very self taught and to teach with correct terminology and articulation requires preparation. But I love that aspect as I am enabled to learn along with her. I think the lesson lengths are perfect.



Sister Hifsah, Bolton

I really enjoyed this course and found it very beneficial. I found the tips for recoding childrens' learning excellent. I have gone away feeling equipped to teach children with learning difficulties. The teaching strategies I learnt are dynamic as all children can benefit from this type of teaching, Thank you so much.



Sister Tayba, Student Teacher from Dewsbury

Lots of good resources and examples to use with children who have Special Educational Needs, an interactive and engaging session.



Sister Neelofar, Madressah Teacher from Dewsbury

I learnt a lot from this course, different techniques and ideas on how to monitor childrens' progress. The handouts are easy to understand and implement.



Aniqa Rasid, Head teacher at Oldham Taqwa Institute

The training was extremely beneficial and Suzanne was very knowledgeable in Primary provision. A most definite recommended training for all Madressah teachers and primary school staff. A range of Educational Needs discussed and we learnt how to implement effective teaching strategies, we are now using Qur'an 4 Kids books with all the pupil at our Madressah MashAllah.



Quran teachers at Oldham Taqwa Institue

A very informative course delivered well with great ideas and practical teaching strategies.


A very practical and engaging course with a good range of resources and tools, very informative and easy to follow and implement.



Munaza Kouser - Qur'an teacher at Rochdale Dawah Centre

A very enlightening course, lots of tips and tricks a must for all teachers and parents



Shabnam Kouser (Rochdale)

The course is very beneficial for teachers especially those who face problems with teaching children who have Special Needs. I would rate this 5 star and recommend it to all friends and family.



Qur'an teacher at Neeli Masjid Rochdale.

Excellent course which made us more aware of how to deal with certain learning needs. I learnt how to record and monitor childrens' learning and picked up many ideas on how to teach through various activities.



Ayesha Amer, Neeli Masjid, Rochdale

Excellent ideas, useful and practical tips, helpful handouts.



Mariam, Manchester

Useful and informative course, the practitioner was very approachable and knowledgable. The session has given me lots of teaching ideas.



Tahira Sayed

I was having problems with some aspects of teaching this course gave me solutions for all of them, I am now full of ideas.



Qur'an teacher from Leicester

The course was fantastic, it has helped me so much to teach my class at Madressah, a much needed course MashAllah.



Home schooling mum from Leicester

The course was full of excellent ideas I feel more prepared to teach my children at home.



Qur'an teacher from Leicester

I found this a very informative and beneficial course and very useful for the class I teach.



Parent from Leicester

I came on this course so I could learn how to teach children with learning difficulties and Alhamudulila I found the answers, thanks you so much.



Parent from Leicester

Very well explained I learnt many new things.